About Us

Wayfinders Commerce is Owned by Wayfinders Business Co-operative

Wayfinders Business Co-operative is a for-profit, member-based, social enterprise.

We provide a range of support services for small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals, gig workers, and non-profit organizations.

We operate as a not-for-profit company retaining our earnings for either development and growth of services or reduction of costs to members.

A limited number of investment shares may be sold to raise capital for growing the company.

Wayfinders Commerce Shoppers

Wayfinders prides itself in building communities of respect and trust. We believe that including a good diversity of talents and insights can make us all more successful. In fact, we humans have always depended on our differences.

For Wayfinders Commerce shoppers we are selecting honest, reputable vendors and products that are safe for consumers, environmentally friendly, and do not involve any exploitation of labour in the supply chain.

We depend on consumer feedback to help ensure best compliance. We encourage you to let us know how you feel about products and services you purchase here.

Shop Online for Your Community

We are offering commerce platforms for geographic communities in support of local and regional economies. As we expand we will help you find vendors close to where you live. If you would like to help make that happen for your community, please let us know.

Vendors and customers are encouraged to support local markets where the personal touch makes a difference, where you can actually meet the people with whom you are doing business.

Buying local helps keep money recirculating nearby, providing work and incomes for you and your neighbours.

Vendors are are encouraged to consider importing and exporting where appropriate as many members have business connections in different regions or countries. You may know of products or services that are not available locally or in another locale. That may be an opportunity for you! Do some marketing homework and be certain before you proceed.

Small Business Industry Supply Chains

Wayfinders Commerce is promoting the development of industry supply chains, clusters and ecosystems that can link companies and regional communities together in mutually beneficial economic relationships.

Reliable industry supply chains can help keep production costs down so you can offer lower competitive prices for your customers.

When a number of companies in an industry co-locate and establish an ongoing web of supply chains they can form an industry cluster (e.g. agriculture and food processing, tourism, manufacturing, arts and crafts). That cluster becomes a magnet for further industry talent, businesses and investment. Competition demands continuous improvement and offers customers more choices. Collaboration can lead to improved economies of scale for exports. Everybody wins!

Beyond specific industry clusters Wayfinders Commerce is promoting the formation of rich and healthy business ecosystems. A healthy business ecosystem has a diversity of industrial bases and related services. For example, a healthy business ecosystem has two or three or more foundational industries that produce goods for different export markets. If one export market weakens, the others help sustain the local economy. A healthy ecosystem also has a strong support service industry, supplying specialized human resources, transportation, financing, office supplies, real estate and so on.

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