Employers Notice

Employers listed here are members of Wayfinders Business Co-operative. Members of Wayfinders form a community of mutual trust and respect. For information on becoming a member of Wayfinders Business Co-operative, go here: http://www.wayfindersbusinesscooperative.ca

We each have a reputation to protect and a promise to serve. We are value generators helping each other to do our best performances.

If you are hiring someone to do a job, you need to make sure that you understand whether you are hiring an employee or a contractor. If you think you are hiring a contractor and it turns out that you should have been paying employee benefits, you may be liable for back payment of those benefits. It all revolves around a set of rules set out by Revenue Canada. Similar rules exist in other countries.

Employee or Contractor?

Canada Revenue Agency has rules concerning the distinction between employees and contractors. Employees are entitled to employee benefits and to claim employment insurance when unemployed. Contractors are not entitled to employee benefits or to collect employment insurance.

So what is the difference? Find out here:



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