Wayfinders GigFinder is a place to hire and be hired

In your neighbourhood, your city, and beyond

Taking you to a hire plane!

  • Place a job ad

  • Respond to a job ad

  • Upload your resume

  • Place a work wanted ad

More people are seeking contract work, or ‘gigs

Wayfinders Business Co-operative is a for-profit social enterprise serving the needs of 21st century professionals, independent businesses and organizations:

  • Freelancers and artists
  • Contractors and consultants
  • Professionals and self-employed
  • Independent businesses
  • Not-for-profit and community-based organizations
  • Co-operatives and social enterprises
  • Industry and business associations
  • Unions

Wayfinders GigFinder is democratically owned and operated by Wayfinders Business Co-operative. Members each hold one voting share. Some member organizations have many users.

More businesses are outsourcing short term work:

  • Marketing and promotion
  • Commissioned art
  • Information technology
  • Architectural construction
  • Renovations
  • Customization
  • Web design
  • Delivery
  • Business make-overs
  • Special events
  • Training

This means you’re likely to spend more time finding gigs than you used to. You will want to take your time and get good at it, and let Wayfinders GigFinder help you succeed.

If you need to hire the right contractor or partner, for a project term, we are offering to bring the best prospects to you.

We are setting up a matchmaking program that is similar to a dating matchmaker. But we are trying to match talents to tasks and contractors to clients.

In order to do this we are developing matchmaking algorithms, mathematical statements concerning your background – talents, traits, knowledge, skills, wisdom — and learning what it takes to get a job well done.